We are not alone (in advertising)

Yesterday I had the luxury to step out of the office for a few hours and visit the Gitex exhibition here in Dubai – our MD Kamal Dimachkie was also on a panel discussing mobile advertising along with representatives from du, Nokia, GM (one of our clients) and IconMobile. It is great for us ‘agency-people’ to step out of our comfort zone and to get into these environments and the conversations that they entail as they remind us how what we do is just part of a much bigger picture and somehow bring us back to the reality that advertising and marketing aren’t everything!

There was an excellent More >


Designing spaces for creativity

A very interesting conversation with my colleague Rena (@Renroon) yesterday got us looking at the different ways that workspaces are arranged and for what purpose. It got me thinking about the different models that I’ve experienced and their cultures since there is clearly work to be done in determining which model suits which culture best. So to begin with a brief description of some models:

  • The Richards Group, Dallas, TX, USA – This is an amazing agency run by Stan Richards himself and he has set down a number of guidelines (read rules) as to how his business should operate, he even wrote More >

The joy of industry bodies

Just returned from a networking session at the Capitol Club entitled Digital Dialogues sponsored by Flip Media. In a young market like this it is great to have this sort of initiative to get likeminded people into the room. After only 5 months in Dubai, this is a breath of fresh air and inspiration to see that there are others out there who are at the cutting edge, and an opportunity to meet some interesting people.

The agency and advertiser market also needs to do something to formalise and give itself credibility – we are looking in parallel at the setup of IAB or similar here.

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