A dinner date with iOS 7

This evening, like a lot of iPhone and iPad users across Europe I’ll be hanging around my wifi connection hoping for this screen to change and show me something else, yes I’ll be waiting for the update to iOS7 for my iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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If it isn’t bad enough that this is a dinner date that will clearly be more important than dinner or prime time TV, the worst is that I spent part of last night and this morning trying to find out what time the upgrade would be available. And by the fact that I found a number of different articles and discussions around the same topic, I wasn’t the More >


Remembering their childhood

I don’t remember being 5, I can’t even really figure out how far back I can remember things – whether it was a birthday party at 6 years old, or watching Dallas with my father in the bedroom when I was probably less than 7. To a certain extent talking to family and looking at photos can start to build a picture in my mind of those childhood years that my brain never really took down, but I don’t think I’ll ever really have a good idea of life back then.

The same can’t be said for my daughters; between the photos, and videos, status updates and general Facebook timeline they will have an More >


Please Stand By

I appreciate all the emails and questions about what happened to the blog. To be honest, there is just too much going on for me to keep writing at the moment:

1/ Move from Dubai to Paris 2/ Started a new job at Facebook, changing from agency life to a technology provider 3/ A second baby girl !

I do want to come back to this and will do my best in the coming months!

Best, Lex


Social By Design is the Only Filter

In a world of exploding choice, where technology and industrialisation mean that supply can vastly outstrip demand, social is really the only filter that works to get real answers to complex choices.

A real life example from this week, that shows how much further we really have to go: a group of friends are visiting New York City, where my wife and I both used to live (not together – which is relevant) and wanted a list of restaurants to eat at; really they want to know what to do, but this is a big list, and he is in the food business so the eating part is critical.

Now if you look at the More >


Getting Employees Onboard with Social

Social Media is here, and as companies are wondering how to ‘get on board’ a major part of this will be letting employees know what they should, and shouldn’t do – this infographic from Mindflash says it all.

via Mindflash.

Social is going to be digital all over again for ad agencies

Whilst watching the Facebook Marketing Conference in New York the other day (you can catch up with all the talks on the LiveStream link here), I was enormously happy to hear Nigel Morris (@NigelDMorris) from Aegis’s comments on how ad agencies need to adapt for social. Watch the video below and listen particularly to Nigel’s comments from the 13 minute mark. Nigel talks about a dual challenge that is on the one hand talent based (who they are, where to find them, how to manage and keep them), but also an organisational design element which is how we integrate these people into the More >


Why content marketing will be hard for agencies


One of the major changes in online marketing for 2012 will be the rise of content. A brand’s content strategy will be a key weapon in breaking through the clutter of ‘old school’ advertising, engaging with the consumer and delivering a brand message. But moving from advertising to content will mean major changes for marketers, both in terms of how they think about their strategy, and also how they deliver it with their agencies.


So what are the changes that the agency model needs to take on as we move to a content based approach?

1. Copywriters > Journalists

Copywriters spend most of More >


Learning to love big data

I love data, I get excited by datasets that have hidden meaning, data that is trying to deliver an insight and is just waiting for me to tabulate and cross-match, or plot it on a chart to ask the right question and weed out the insight behind the figures. But I’m a geek, and beyond being OK, it’s normal.

This isn’t the case for 90+% of marketers today, and this is a problem. A small problem today as we rely only slightly on data to make marketing decisions, but a much bigger one tomorrow as marketing evolves, and very soon this will be the elephant in the room that marketers are tripping over More >


Marketing Predictions for 2012

At this time of year we see a multitude of articles about predictions for the year to come – some obvious and some less evident – I’ve tried to keep my list short and focussed this time around as we marketers have only a limited bandwidth to evolve our increasingly complex ecosystem. Some elements may seem like they should have happened in 2011, whilst others are reaching their peak now. There is no doubt that 2012 will, yet again, be a year of changes – let’s hope that this time around the marketing world can keep up!


1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is coming to life, and 2012 will More >

Death to Email

Death to the email

I was very pleased to read an article recently on French tech firm Atos who are stopping the use of internal email, CEO and ex French Finance Minister, Thierry Breton, hasn’t sent an email since 2008 and wants to increase efficiency by eradicating this ‘long form’ of internal communication. He is moving employees away from email which is costly in terms of time spent reading and writing and also almost 20% spam, instead he is forcing the company’s 74,000 employees to communicate with each other via instant messaging and a Facebook-style interface.

This reminds me very much of some of the More >

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